So…. The third wedding in as many days shot with the assistance of the awesome Adrian Mcgonigle and despite having my head shut in a car boot the day before and blacking out I felt really quite chipper. This one was at a bit of a distance as we had gone from Inn on the Lake to Gilsland Spa and now a really rather long drive to not so near Preston and Gibbon Bridge Hotel. It was a wedding that I shouldn’t have shot yet but Danny and Jo decided to bring the date forward, moving locations and adding a whole new challenge for my average sat nav. I am being told off for my massive blog posts so this one is a condensed version, which means that I am doing as I am told. Now there’s a positive.

It was a really bright day, as bright as I have ever seen a wedding day in this country, but it was an awesome location with lots of cover from the high trees and also lots of tucked away areas for Ade and I to explore, plan and plot our days photography. The grounds are huge at Gibbon Bridge, I know this because I fell off them into a bush trying to light a table at 10.30pm. Not to be downbeat at that moment I threw the light into the middle of a plastic roof, took the shot and then retrieved it with a big stick!

Lancashire is not my usual stomping ground and things are done a little differently down there but with people as nice and warmhearted as any that I have met to work with, the day went a breeze. It was different, but in a good way and we really nailed a detailed and comprehensive portfolio of images. Jo and Danny were amazing and were up for any of the insane things that we suggested. Phrases rang out from the day like ‘We have found an amazing allotment’ which still make me grin.

It was an amazing allotment though..

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