Rik & Rachel at Smiths Hotel, Gretna

Rick & Rachel at Smiths hotel, Gretna Green.

Don’t get me wrong, I dont avoid weddings at Gretna Green, far from it, I find them quite good fun. Only a small percentage of my work centres around Scotland, but I always seem to have a great days photography whenever I go up there more often to Friars Carse and Hetland Hall.

Rik and Rachel booked me for their wedding…. actually no, thats not right. Rick suprised Rachel with a renewal of their vows and a blessing at the Blacksmiths in Gretna Green, so Rachel knew nothing about it. Rik booked me to pop up and get some shots of their renewal and do something at the Smiths hotel where they were having a small reception with close  family and friends.

It was great fun doing a few hours photography at Gretna and having the luxury of 30 mins to spend with the couple in Smiths hotel was great too. Rachels dress was a Jenny Packham as was her hairpiece. To see more Jenny Packham dresses, visit our local stockist, Sarah at Mia Bridal.

So here are your images folks, it was a privelage for Emma and I to meet you both and if you do decide to do Vegas next year can I come along too??……Worth a try I suppose.

Gretna bride
Rachel and her dad on the way into the Blacksmiths
blessing photo, Gretna Green.
Rachel and Rick at the Anvil.
Signing the Register in the Old Smithy
Rachel signing on the Anvil at the Blacksmiths.
Bridal images Gretna
The boys were drinking Red Bull, but we left before it kicked in.
photographers dumfrieshire
The colours in Smiths are amazing.
Cool wedding image
That dress is fantastic.
Rachel in Smiths Hotel
The slick interior of Smiths.
Cars Gretna
This was a lovely moment.
Alternative photographer in Gretna
In the bridal suite was amazing
Wedding dress Gretna
The detail on Rachels Jenny Packham dress

Dave and Christina at Smiths Hotel, Gretna Green.

photographers scotland
Christina first and although nervous, she was great.

Its not often I am in Gretna, but for those who ask, I can sometimes be tempted across the border to put my stamp on a nuptual. It all depends on who is doing the asking! Dave is a graphic designer and art director who had looked hard enough in google to find a gretna wedding that I had completed last year and instantly took to my style of photography as being different to all of the photographers that are online with a Gretna website.

I had some ideas for using some newer techniques and some very very old ones for this wedding and managed to get most of them done including the use of my old Lomo LC-A camera and shooting a large percentage of the wedding with the awesome Fuji x-100 camera. Both of these have a high saturation and high contrast, so obviously I was going for a look.

weddings at smiths hotel
Dave was quick to get sorted and the punk cufflinks finished off his suit nicely.
weddings in gretna images.
I love this….
wedding photographs in Dumfries
Pretty brides make my day.

Sometimes an image can capture a whole range of emotions that someone is feeling at the time. Its easy for photojournalists to capture these kind of images, but harder for studio based and wedding photographers. For some reason though it is becoming easier and when I get an image like the one below, it always makes me feel happy

photographs at smiths
This image has my own recipe on it which really brings out the tones..
luxury wedding photographers in Gretna
The bathrooms at Smiths are cool. Shot on a lomo LCA.

Its hard enough to shoot on film for most people before you even start to get creative with it. It takes a lot of time and money spent before a film camera can become intuitive to use. If you use something with a bit of passion and a creative eye, you can get some really unique results.

Wedding photography at Smiths.
A last bit of makeup before heading out to the Blacksmiths.


dumfries photographers
No comment needed….


marriages in Gretna Green reccomended photographers.
This is the bit where a 7 foot tall man neatly misses your hands with a massive hammer.


wedding photography in the borders.
A few images from inside the marriage room at the Blacksmiths shop.

A lot of the photographers in Gretna seem to tow the line as far as standardisation goes. Lots of people want a one stop shop when it comes to the organisation of their day, so it is always refreshing when someone comes along looking for something a little different.

Creative wedding photographers in the Uk
This is a well used archway outside the blacksmiths. There is something quaint about it though.


bridal portraits, borders
Something different for a quaint old arch.

After this we headed back to Smiths Hotel for a few more images of the newlyweds before letting them head in for some food. The sky at this point was clouding in and looked very dramatic, so after some alternative shots in the hotel, we headed up onto the balcony of the suite. Smiths is a great hotel to work in and I wouldn’t mind being there more often. As with most places, you feel as though you have only just scratched the surface when you shoot there and you could always find something new to do.

Great bridal portraits.
The 5 mins that was spent planning this image out paid dividends.


wedding photographers in scotland
On the balcony the clouds were coming in.


Botique Gretna Green
Lave everything about this from the pose to the tone. Its a firm favourite.


stylish wedding photography in Gretna.
Lots to do in Smiths, I love the tables. Whoever polished it did a very good job.


weddings in Scotland with photographers
This bar is cool. It generally needs a bit of chair shuffling but this was shot as is.
Getting married in Gretna/
The door is closing… Quick, snog!


Wedding cake photograph, lakeland
The man (or woman) who thought of making a cake out of pies needs some sort of award.




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