Kerry & Stephen at Hundith Hill, Cockermouth, Lakes.

Some brides are nervous on their wedding day and it teaches you to be a little more distant on the morning of the wedding. Some brides are excited and bouncy which makes for great images too. Kerry was the third type and so laid back that she was practically horizontal. This lets me get great shots of her and her lovely family as there is no big focus on this one person. There aren’t many brides like this and they usually fall into the other two categories listed above….. It is quite safe to say that when a bride smiles all day like Kerry did, the blog post as a result is going to be a little heavy on images. If you were going to put the kettle on before reading this post, in fact I would recomend a Daiquiri instead… Maybe a gin.

Lovely bride and groom, sun all day, amazing sunset, bouncy castles, children laughing, good food, wine and some gee gee’s to finish off the day. I always remember weddings that have a lot going on and this one feels like it was just a moment ago…

Wedding photographers lake District
There was something going on in every room.
international wedding photography
Love this shot. Its a personal one and you dont see many from me.
Weddings at Hundith Hill
Lots of details and the I Do on the shoes was a nice touch.

Just a little time left before moving on to the church and as I was leaving Kerry wandered into the kitchen. Just a couple more shots before I left for the church as I wanted to get there early to catch people arriving.

Hold it, hold it, oh never mind....
White heather wedding photographers.
I adore the shot of the little girl walking into church in the bottom right corner.

During the ceremony the rings were delivered by owl to the best man. The owl was quite stubborn at first and refused to move but as the vicar pointed out in a prayer, it didn’t pooh on the carpet, so it wasn’t all bad. I love it when alternative things happen during a ceremony and this was a nice touch.

aspatria wedding images
It's always this moment where you could cut the air with a knife and I wish I could have photographed everyone in the church at this point.
Weddings in the northern fells of cumbria
The owl makes an entrance.
bridal ceremony photography in the Uk
What a great first kiss .
Aspatria wedding photographers wigton
Just before we went outside for confetti I spotted this shot on the move.

Outside we did the confetti shot at the gates of the church and a few groups in the church doorway. Lots of people hung around to see them leave in a traditional horse and cart, so I was constantly moving locations as the crowd followed. I managed to get Steven and Kerry alone for a couple of moments at the back of the church after we had finished the groups. Westnewton Church is beautiful inside and out.

Lake district wedding venue photography
Back at Hundith I stole Kerry and Stephen away for 5 and the light was superb.


Hundith Hill Near Lorton wedding photos
Hundith has some nice little spaces for photographs. Fight your way through the trees and you are welcomed with this lovely little garden.

I love photographing at Hundith, maybe because I used to go there as a kid. I am sure that there is more to Hundith like the secret room that we found the other day. The only way to get images like these is to stay all day and every service that I have is geared towards covering a day in its entirity. Most brides and grooms are retiring for the evening when I am still on the journey home.

weddings in cumbria
Sometimes images can be so simple but so effective. Here we have a bride, the sun and a tree as the elements but its simplicity makes the image jump out, even when it is displayed in black and white.
Weddings in cumbria and the Lake District.
The speeches tickled everyone. I love the oh God moment from Kerry.


Equestrian wedding image
That Horse took a spacial shine to Stephen.
Cumbrian and Carlisle wedding photographers
Stay until the end and be rewarded with evening time images like this one.



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