Mike & Katie at Inn on the Lake, Glenridding.

Photographing Mike and Katies’ wedding was a day of going with the flow of events and capturing a lot of things in a spontaneous way. It rained on and off for the whole day, so most of the shots taken were taken between showers. At the end of summer especially in one of the wettest places in the country, you have to expect a few light showers. The sunrise driving from Caldbeck to Ullswater that morning was biblically beautiful, which is quite apt considering that I was about to photograph one of my favourite weddings of the year.

Wedding photographer international
A mix of everyone getting ready. Note the photograph 3 in and 1 row down. Priceless.

The thing about photographing at Inn on the Lake is that there is almost too many locations and possibilities. Its one of those places that I never get tired of shooting at and I am there quite a lot. With Mike and Katies Wedding, I think that they set out to create a day that was about close family and friends and I think their images are quite intimate in that way. It was strange to approach a wedding at a venue that I cover so often in such an unusual way. This is by no means a bad thing as it gives their images an even more unique angle.

Bridal wedding images Cumbria
It was asking too much to hold it together for that long.

All of the groomsmen are rugby players and photographing them messing around in their room down the hall made me laugh out loud. It was quite a contrast to the lovely time that the Girls were having down the other end of the hotel. Mike got all of the boys survival bags filled with Lynx, cufflinks and most important of all Red Bull.

Cumbrian wedding photographer
This was in the spur of the moment. I was actually photographing Katie. I love it though.
Flower shops Penrith
The flowers were beautiful.
Ushers arriving at wedding
Mike and the boys arriving at the church in Pooley Bridge

Mike and Katie were married at St Michaels Churchat Barton near Pooley Bridge, which is like no other church that I have seen before. The Church has a large tunnel leading through the centre and the altar is through the tunnel about 15 yards from the congregation. This did allow me to slip from front to back quite easily though and the Vicar was a gentleman.

Wedding in Pooley bridge, Cumbria
Katie and Raif arriving at the church
Bride on her way to church in the lake district
Katie heading up the path.
lake district ceremony
Mikes nerves were quickly evaporated once katie had arrived and on time too…ish.
bride and groom inn on the lake
In the grounds of the church. It was fantastic and very charming. Very Lake District.Some sunshine at last.
inn on the lake
Katie looked amazing and was so natural to photograph.
ullswater ceremony
Raif talked about the stag in his speech and how for the first time he has tried a Jaegerbomber. What a great speech.
Lake district first dance.
A lovely first dance image from a couple who laughed and smiled all day.

What a great wedding to do. Mike and Katie were awesome on the day. Thanks go to Raif for ‘cracking the whip’ as he said when I was too short to shout through an open window and thanks to Mike and Katie for letting me capture a unique and close event, full of emotion and laughter.


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