Moving on: A feast for the eyes, courtesy of myself (ithankyou) and Courting Whale Pictures.. Morland House, Steve and Helen.

I like to be friends with all types of image makers and film makers. I think the learning process never really ends and bits and pieces pop up all over to advance your knowledge and understanding. To this end I have recently worked alongside Simon Love from Courting Whale pictures. His work is awesome and really shows off what is possible within the confines of a wedding day.

At Morland the main video was done by CPD films who very kindly said that we could produce something extra for Helen and Steve… A summary, a short trailer, a chunk of amazing and something for Helen and Steve to keep alongside all of the other photographs and video pieces from their day. I took a hit and asked Simon if he would like to be commissioned to do it and he very kindly took the time out for me from his mental schedule. Its for the best as we are both covering another wedding together in August at the Roundthorn, which we now know with such a similar work ethic to one another, will be great.

A full photo blog will follow on from this in a few weeks,


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