Richard and Rebekkah.. A wedding at Victory Hall Dalston. Venue styling by the Moomins.

By day one sets out on a trip, but by night one sets out on a journey.

With this wedding being only five days after new year, setting out from home in the dark was much less of an option than I would have liked. Dalston is about 15 miles from home though, which came in handy when I had forgotten one of my bags at the back of the hall and had to trudge back in the car at 11pm.

As weddings go and also as venues go, there is nothing nicer than a wedding at an unusual venue. Its great to have to deal with the challenges that presents, which usually ends up in embracing what is around to create images that show the people at their very best, funniest and most emotional. This was a winter wedding not to be missed, on one hand because winter weddings present their own set of challenges with light but also because the bride and groom were so in love, so gracious and so kind that I knew creating some amazing imagery would come Naturally.

The ceremony was held at St Michaels in Dalston on an unusually warm 5th of Jan with a reception at Victory Hall, also in the village and all was decked out in a Finland, UK, tea party with the moomins theme. Care had been taken over the venue styling and it looked great. I also shot quite a large quantity of film on the day. Main films used were Kodak 3200 and Sensia 1600 (for geeks) which produced some really nice results on the Nikon F4 and F100. All of the digital images were styled up to mimic the film emulsions to make the whole portfolio of images flow nicely. The venue styling and the effort that had been put into the wedding day really shone through. Any of the wedding photographers in the Lake District would have killed to photograph this one!

Dalston on the morning of a wedding
Morning everyone!
Bridesmaids in Carlisle Cumbria
Cute Bridesmaids.


Wedding in St Michaels Dalston
On the way to the Church.
A great first kiss. There were stacks from inside the church, but if I had to pick one it would be this one.
Organic wedding photography on film in cumbria
Love this. Shot on Kodak Tmax 3200.
beautiful bride in Carlisle, Cumbria.
Love this of Rebekkah and shot at one of the more unlikely spots for bridal portraits in Cumbria.


I love unprompted images. This was taken as we were setting up another shot.
CUmbria and pennines wedding photographer
This is the other shot. I just had them chatting away to each other.


Moomins themed wedding
amazing venue styling in Cumbria.
Great Venue styling. It really had a lot of care and attention paid to it.
What a great little venue in Carlisle. lakeland wedding
Night entertainment at weddings in Carlisle.
In the evening the ceilidh band were great. I think it may have been Striding Edge, but not sure.


Photography in Cumbria for weddings and events
First Dance…


Amazing wedding images in Dalston Hall and Carlisle.
I used my bag mishap to catch just one last image. There is a lot of street lighting round Dalston, so if any photographers want the low down on how it was done, feel free to ask and I will do my best to remember.

Thanks to you both for a great days photography and the “OMG the photographs are a-ma-zing” that I got in a text from Rebekkah really made my day. I hope to see you both again soon. P.S. Rose destroyed the gingerbread!


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