Tara & Nigel at St Marys Church & Rydal Mount, followed by the Merewood.

Sorry this post is a little ‘image heavy’ but we covered so many locations throughout the course of the day that I just had to cram them all in somehow. Tara and Nigel had a very relaxed approach to their photography and their day was suitably relaxed to match. They were married at St Marys Church in Rydal, followed by a quick shoot in the beautiful gardens at Rydal Mount, a racing run down to the jetty at waterhead bay and then back to the Merewood to join the rest of their guests. I also got to go in the beautiful camper from splitscreen dreams along the way. If that is not enough to go at, I caught Sebastian Vettel going out of qualifying in Q2 on the radio in the Chinese Grand Prix, so all in all a successful day.

I will cut into the mass of images with updates as you go further down the page.

Lake District Wedding Photographer
Tara getting her Makeup done in the beautiful room 2 at the Merewood


international wedding photrography
The bridesmaids were great in the morning. The mood was very relaxed.
Wedding photographer nationally
A lot of detail and preparation + giggles = great images

After taking a few images of the girls and with 15 or so minutes in hand I decided to drop in on the boys who were getting ready in room 5. There was a little Lakeland ale going on, hip flasks, and a fair ammount of jibing Nigel. Quite a contrast to the girls, but a hoot to photograph all the same.

Groomsmen getting ready in the lake district.
Yes that is the Grand Prix in the top left corner..
Vintage wedding idea in the lake district
Lots of confetti. A lot got thrown too.


St Marys Rydal and Rydal Hall.
Tara and her Dad exchanging a few words before walking down the aisle.


North east wedding photographers, Cumbria.
Tara and Nigel at the Altar
Cumbrian Photographers
The Interior of St Marys is beautiful.


Weddings in Northumberland
How well do these colours work together? Well done Tara.
Rydal Hall CUmbria.
The groups look great in the church interior.


Brides from the Lakes
Tara in a vintage blush tone. This really made the image pop.
Art Deco wedding
Great light at the top of St Marys.
Wedding photographers in Carlisle, Cumbria.
All of that confetti got used in style.

After leaving the church we headed up to the grounds at Rydal Mount. I had to be careful here as I am familiar with so many images from this location. Going off the beaten track and away from the run of the mill images that other wedding photographers would produce was a must. There are so many images from this location even though we were there only a small amount of time,  so I have shown only the ones that I intend to go into the album.

photographers in Ambleside
Loads and loads of Tara and Nigel after we left the church.
Newby Bridge wedding photography.
Tara in amongst the amazing foliage at Rydal Mount.


Wedding in Rydal CUmbria and Waterhead bay, ambleside
This jetty has been photographed a billion times. Maybe this is an alternative to the norm?


reccomended photographers at the Merewood.
Some images shot in the evening when the light was coloured like parma violets.

What a day. I could show people more from the Merewood, but this post would go over two pages. Congratulations to Tara and Nigel who have a big job getting through the 500 or so images that have just landed in the gallery space. I hope you enjoy them all.

We are doing more and more wedding stories at the Merewood and having a photographer that produces images that are a little more timeless than other styles seems to be a much more popular choice for people.


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