Bryan and Tori at Broadoaks Country House Hotel. Britain Vs USA…. A foregone conclusion.

On the very day that I should have been at the Rheged Wedding fair and left my stand in the capable hands of my wife, I was doing what all of the other photographers in Cumbria weren’t: Shooting a wedding. Bryan had a rather large support from his family who flew over from the states for the wedding at Jesus Church, Troutbeck. The “legendary amongst photographers” vicar there only lets photographers shoot from the back ( probably spoiled by a few amateurs) and it’s not particularly bright inside either, so long lenses and steady hands are an essential piece of kit.

It is a rather nice venue the Broadoaks. Loads of trees, hunting heritage, great views, friendly staff and even with a few fields between it and Windermere, they still seem to get the eccentric, creative types that tend to book me for weddings. I seem to find myself pigeon holed into photographing the weddings of designers, other photographers, artists and people coming from overseas. I can honestly say that I have never photographed a wedding for a dentist… Just thought I would throw that out there.. Tori and Bryan are half foreign and for honeymoon are going to sail a yacht to Africa, so they fit into the foreign (half due to Bryan being from the US)  and eccentric category. Basically I seem to do weddings for those people who want something a little more unusual than a template of images.

So… Last wedding before the new website is launched with the remainder of the 18 blog posts that I still have to show within it. New site, new start and for me, that couldn’t be more poignant. This website was created when my little girl Rose was born and now Samuel is here I have a new website on the way. Suffice to say, if i want a new site after this we may have to have another child. Maybe if we got a dog I could have a small site? Maybe?

Moment of the day goes to the young man who on the way up to the church said “Mom… Who’s that guy?” after I had been photographing him for the entire morning. Then Bryan asking a little girl if what she had on her head was a hat and she replied in perfect queens English “No, it’s a basket” (see photo below). Safe to say the whole day was a real giggle for all, with everything going as planned apart from the sky lanterns in the evil wind and rain last thing in the evening.


Great people, great friendships formed, really, really funny children and some images that will still look cool in decades time. So.. Here we go (With a look over my shoulder to make sure there is no Alexi Lalas to rain on my parade) with the wedding of Bryan and Tori, up a tree, next to an old barn and on a swing, in around and near the Broadoaks Country House Hotel.

Lake District Photography for weddings Lake District Wedding Photographers in CUmbria Broadoaks wedding Photographers Cumbria Photo Bridal I think this is called candy in the Us at a wedding in Cumbria The broadoaks fountain is awesome to photograph


Wedding planner ironing in the Lake District Broadoaks country house


Broadoaks country house, windermere.Bridesmaid prep in the broadoaks


Bride arrives at Jesus church, Troutbeck




The gate at Jesus church in Troutbeck for a wedding photograph


Tori in a door near the wedding venue




Britain vs USA wedding


Memories are forever in the Lake District.


Groom on swing in the Lake District.


Lake District Wedding Photography


Btlox-150 Btlox-154 Btlox-183 Btlox-296 Btlox-299 Btlox-306



Well… I think that went well. A great first dance to finish off the evening for me, but I am sure things carried on until very late. There were so many images from this wedding, I couldn’t possibly post them all and some moments of prayer and silence that I captured which were so meaningful that I left them out on purpose. Thanks again both…


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