I have no doubt that Victoria and Theo had one of the best days you could possibly have. A wedding day set in the idyllic Cumbrian countryside with the grounds of Askham Hall to explore and the most epic band for the evening reception. They had a full days coverage from me too which meant that I had tons of time to explore and prep any photographs. Askham hall has been a fairly elusive venue for me having only shot there for others before so it was a bit of a bonus to really get to know it well.

Theo and Victoria are both French, meaning most of the people at the wedding were french. My French is non existent and I did feel a little embarassed when everyone around me spoke such excellent English. Being a bit nervous about any laguage barrier quickly vanished.

So, we managed to sneak in and get some portrait images late in the evening, garbbed a few more on the way from Askham Church (great vicar too) and mostly I was allowed to hunt for photographs. I love time to search for images and it makes for some really memorable images from wedding days. There is a distinct advantage to having a little more space between the events of a wedding day.

This was an exceptional wedding, loaded with stylish touches, stylish guests and heaps of laughs. These elements make wedding days too short but I love the set of Images that came out shot on the Leica and Fuji bodies. I’m looking forward to this wedding returning on my facebook memories each year so I can dip in once more. If you are interested in enquiring about your own wedding at Askham Hall, please message me through the contact page or via facebook and Instagram.