The Wedding of David & Rachel at the Tithe Barn and Crown & Mitre Hotel, Carlisle

Being from Carlisle myself and currently only living fifteen miles away, it is not that often that I will photograph a wedding there. David and Rachel were married in a civil ceremony at the Crown & Mitre followed by a reception at the Tithe Barn. The theme was a sumptuous vintage 30’s theme which was set off really well by the stylish prefect badges everyone wore which read bride, groom, usher etc… A great find. I don’t really seek themes at weddings but an underlying theme is always nice, made buoyant by the vintage china, table settings and paraphernalia used to decorate the Tithe Barn.

vintage inspired wedding in Carlisle, Lake District and Cumbria


wedding photography on film international
Dropping in before Rachel left allowed me to take some pictures of her in her lovely vintage bedroom. I was like a kid in a candy shop.
images of bridal preparations and full days wedding photography in CUmbria.
professional wedding photographer in cumbria
A mind bending amount of detail was captured before heading off to the Crown and Mitre. I loved the mustache necklace and bearing in mind that this wedding was in August, this was long before any of the mustache stuff was trendy. Note the Bride prefect badge.
The final images from a great carlisle wedding.
Loved this. My wedding jobs had tidy up on the list too.
wedding photography at the crown and mitre hotel in Carlisle, Cumbria
The boys look nervous and a nice surprise was Will of the band My Little Brother who was one of the two best men on the day. Will and I went to University together so it was amazing to catch up.
Lakeland photographers for civil ceremony.
Don’t worry David they aren’t talking about you…. Well maybe a little.
vintage prefect wedding badge photograph.
Want one that says photographer!
carlisle wedding photographers
I loved this look. I think all Davids nerves just evaporated.
Wedding group shot in the Crown and Mitre Carlisle
I thought the group shots on the stairs went well.
V-w camper hire photograph, cumbria
The VW camper was a really nice touch. Love the color scheme on this one too.

It really didn’t take too much convincing to get Rachel and David over to the old carousel in the middle of Carlisle. It is in the town center a lot and just happened to coincide with this wedding. We even hit the right time of day just as the people were packing up and the center was quiet. This turned out to be some of my favorite imagery from the day. We just did the usual. Went for a walk…. Mucked about.

wedding carousel in Cumbria images
Having the carousel to ourselves for five mins was a godsend. It really brought the theme of the wedding out before we had even got to the Tithe Barn. These horses have been on this carousel since the 40’s

Forgot to mention, Rachels’ dress was a Mia Original made from scratch by Sarah at Mia Bridal in Carlisle. Sarah stacks some amazing dresses but the ones that she makes bespoke for Mia Originals are mind blowing.

Love the split rear doors on this camper. Champagne!!!
More champagne in the camper van before heading into the venue.
I know I have said it is cool a few times but it is cool…. Shot on Polaroid Impossible film (silver shade)
details at a cumbrian wedding in the capital city. Taken on Yashica
Did a few of details on digital and then film but went with the film ones in the end. Some great ideas in this wedding for anyone wanting a vintage look.
mono wedding photography in cumbria and nationally
Kept all of these images in a black and white warmtone as it just felt right.
wedding speeches at the Tithe Barn, Cumbria.
Props booth at a vintage wedding.
After the meal things started to get a little crazy. I even had a shandy…
st cuthberts carlisle wqedding photographers
Just nipped out to the door at the back of St Cuthberts for a couple more photos…. Easy now…
wedding shoes in carlsile
The doorway to the Tithe Barn has great light in the evening time.
crazy images of wedding dancing.
Just about everyone got up after the first dance. It was awesome to see so many peoiple on the dance floor at a wedding.

I generally try to resist the common photographers label of ‘wedding storyteller’ but this really was a wedding that read like a book from start to finish, filled with good people and heaps and heaps of laughs. I shoot weddings in a different way every time because there is a different feel to the way they all flow. All this blog aims to do is give you a real time look at the events of the day and how I have seen them. Hopefully you can sense the tension, see the personality of each bride and groom shining through to the point where you feel like you know them. I think my job would be done after that?

Suzanna and Simon…. It all started with a conversation about condiments…. Lake District Wedding Photography.

It is a strange vocation being a wedding photographer, you get to see the eccentric, lovely and often most emotional moments from your clients. One of the most important moments of their lives…” It’s such a responsibility” a wise head once said to me and I agree more so now than ever before I think. Weddings like Suzanna and Simons’ make me smile every time I see the images. Running Lake District Wedding Photography has made me the photographer and probably individual that I am and I am grateful for every inquiry and opportunity to photograph weddings in the majestic beauty of Cumbria.

It was a great day, with a little driving involved over to St Andrews in Penrith and back to the Tithe Barn in Carlisle for their meal and evening function.  Shooting around the alleyways in Penrith is a lot of fun too. There are some beautiful old houses and frontages that are often overlooked around that area and I love, love shooting there, as well as St Andrews which has one of the best (and most respected) Vicars to work with.

So the theme on the tables in the Tithe Barn was Sci-fi with hand painted stained glass table center pieces made by hand by the bride. They looked awesome and a brilliant sweetie cart too which proved popular. For images we snuck round through St Cuthberts and into Carlisle Cathedrals grounds (ninja style) to grab a couple of images with the most beautiful building in Carlisle (Apart from the Civic) in the background. Then retreated…. Quickly as you aren’t really supposed to photograph there. Carlisle is my home town, so I know it as well as the Lakes, but I am not one of the local photographers there, so when a booking comes in for somewhere like the Halston or Dalston Hall I do get rather excited.

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