Suzanna and Simon…. It all started with a conversation about condiments…. Lake District Wedding Photography.

It is a strange vocation being a wedding photographer, you get to see the eccentric, lovely and often most emotional moments from your clients. One of the most important moments of their lives…” It’s such a responsibility” a wise head once said to me and I agree more so now than ever before I think. Weddings like Suzanna and Simons’ make me smile every time I see the images. Running Lake District Wedding Photography has made me the photographer and probably individual that I am and I am grateful for every inquiry and opportunity to photograph weddings in the majestic beauty of Cumbria.

It was a great day, with a little driving involved over to St Andrews in Penrith and back to the Tithe Barn in Carlisle for their meal and evening function.  Shooting around the alleyways in Penrith is a lot of fun too. There are some beautiful old houses and frontages that are often overlooked around that area and I love, love shooting there, as well as St Andrews which has one of the best (and most respected) Vicars to work with.

So the theme on the tables in the Tithe Barn was Sci-fi with hand painted stained glass table center pieces made by hand by the bride. They looked awesome and a brilliant sweetie cart too which proved popular. For images we snuck round through St Cuthberts and into Carlisle Cathedrals grounds (ninja style) to grab a couple of images with the most beautiful building in Carlisle (Apart from the Civic) in the background. Then retreated…. Quickly as you aren’t really supposed to photograph there. Carlisle is my home town, so I know it as well as the Lakes, but I am not one of the local photographers there, so when a booking comes in for somewhere like the Halston or Dalston Hall I do get rather excited.

Cumbria photographers brides veilSSLDWP-4wedding photographers penrithSSLDWP-6bride with flowers in Carlislebeautiful cumbrian wedding shoesBride on staircase, alternative anglesRain holding off at a wedding in PenrithSilver Lady Car hireBride getting out of car in PenrithPenrith wedding PhotographersSt ANdrews Penrith WeddingBride outside St AndrewsNervous groom at St AndrewsThis is itbeautiful bride penrithSSLDWP-22SSLDWP-23SSLDWP-24SSLDWP-25SSLDWP-29Penrith Wedding PhotographersSSLDWP-28SSLDWP-30SSLDWP-31SSLDWP-32SSLDWP-33Tithe Barn Wedding Photographers CarlisleCarlisle Cathedral Wedding PhotographersCarlisle Cathedral WeddingSSLDWP-37reportage wedding photographer carlisleSSLDWP-39SSLDWP-40SSLDWP-41SSLDWP-42SSLDWP-43SSLDWP-44SSLDWP-45


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